31 August 2007

My failed attempt at an audio post

I went for a walk this afternoon. I've been trying to walk every day for at least 30 minutes. Today's walk was a little longer (about 4 km) because I wanted to run some errands on the way. I took my mini-tape recorder, which I often have with me, to dictate reminders to myself of things I want to do. About half a kilometer into my walk, it occurred to me that I could dictate a post for this blog. Then almost immediately I realized I could try to make it an audio post—something I've never tried before on any blog. So I recorded a brief one as an experiment.

Later on I tried getting the audio onto my computer. First I tried my Linux computer. I couldn't figure out how to get sound recording working and after a while gave up. Then I tried my Windows computer. With a little bit of effort, I succeeded, using only the Sound Record that ships with Windows. Unfortunately, it won't create files more than 1 minute long. So now I have 5 one-minute sound files ready to be uploaded. I'm not happy about having that many files, but hey, it's just an experiment.

However, in the process of getting the recording onto my computer, I realized how confusing and hard to understand it is what I'm saying. So I'm reluctant to proceed. Perhaps later tonight I'll post the substance of what I had to say in a written post. But first there's something else I want to address. Stay tuned!

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