27 August 2007

Manic Monday

My state of euphoria without anti-depressants continues. After going to bed at midnight and falling asleep a shortly after 1:30, I woke up at 5:30 this morning and got up shortly after 6:00. The last three nights I've averaged about 4½ hours sleep. Not because I'm sleeping poorly. But because I'm waking up full of energy, unable to go back to sleep. And I am definitely not a morning person. LOL!

I wonder if this is anything like what it feels like to be manic. It happened to me once before. I was around 4 years sober, clearly headed into a divorce. Somehow I had come to the realization that my life could be great despite my circumstances, if I just let it. I thought I ought to be feeling like my life was falling apart, but I was—energetic, aware and needing little sleep. I didn't wind up crashing either.

The step-children have been back for more than a full day; it was nice while it lasted. Had another very frustrating interaction with Nimue, which I handled a little better than I often do. These kinds of things have been prime suspects for the cause—whatever that means—of my depression in the past, at least in my own mind. Nevertheless, the good mood continues for now.

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