09 August 2007

The Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson's eyes
I've been having more and more trouble sleeping over the last couple of years. I have lots of theories as to why, but they are irrelevant to the theme of this post.

I often use television to put me to sleep (despite what some people say). Eventually I wound up watching The Late Late Show. For the very first time. On 18 February 2007. I had never heard of Craig Ferguson before. That night's show got to me. On top of everything else I liked—especially including his rant about comedians kicking celebrities when they're down-and-out—it turns out that I'd gotten sober six months to the day after he did.

On many nights since, if I've been up at 12:35 am, I've tuned in, at least for his monologue. Last night was one of those nights. In some ways I regret that I watched that night's show first, because although there's a lot to like—it's always been a disappointment since. And after a monologue like that, how could it be otherwise?

If Mr Ferguson is a member of the same Fellowship that I am, I'd have to say he tip-toed right along that thin grey line of the 11th Tradition. He never mentioned Alcoholics Anonymous explicitly, but you'd have to have been pretty ill-informed not to know what he was referring to when he said help was "easy to find; right there near the front of the phone book." Celebrities breaking their anonymity is one of my pet peeves. Did Ferguson? Or did he not? If he's not a member, then he certainly did not. If he is a member, then either he did or he came about as close as one possibly can without doing so. And since he's the only one who can determine whether or not he's a member, I guess I'll never know. Unless I happen to run into him some day and have the chance to ask.

Once I did confront a non-celebrity who broke his anonymity. It didn't go in any direction I had imagined. But that's a post for another day.


Namenlosen Trinker said...

Can anyone tell me why this post didn't appear on my blog till I moved the image from the middle to the front of the post? Grrrrr.

Trudging said...

I am glad that you are back buddy!

JJ said...

I don't know where the F#$% I've been but I had no clue you were blogging. Nice to hear from you again.

Namenlosen Trinker said...

Well, jj, if you look carefully you'll see you caught me on only my fourth day back. What do you expect of yourself? Perfection?

dAAve said...

I'm just now finding you again too. I'll put your link back. Yay!
I thought the Ferguson clip was very well done. If he did break the tradition, it's OK with me because I feel that he may well have been of help to someone who may have need it. Don't get me wrong, I am respectful of all the traditions, but I think we can get too bogged down in political correctness to the point of being no help to anyone.