28 August 2007

Early signs of Autumn

The leaves on a dogwood tree are starting to turn color and a few have even fallen to the ground already:
Dogwood tree with leaves starting to turn color, a few of which have fallen to the groundClose-up of leaves on another dogwood (again, note the couple of fallen leaves):
Close-up of a few dozen dogwood leaves, one of which has turned yellow and a few others of which are turning red at the edgesBerries forming an a third dogwood:Half a dozen dogwood leaves with a cluster of berries, a fly and a few yellowed leaves in the backgroundLeaves on a Japanese maple (?) have turned bright red:
A cluster of Japanese maple leaves that have turned redAll these photos were taken at our house today in 32.2°C (89.9°F) weather. Clicking on the images will load much larger versions (2.0-3.4 MB).

If my whole life were condensed to fit in one year, on Saturday (at about 3:15 PM) I would be as old as I actually am right now1. So in some artificial way2 these pictures represent exactly where I am in my life right now (I know—I have too much time and not enough to do).

1 Assuming I live to be 86 years old, which I have some whimsical reason to believe, and that I die smack dab in the middle of that year.
2 It would probably be less artificial to use a year that starts and ends of the winter solstice, which case this milestone would have been about 10 days earlier.


Shadow said...

and i'm watching my garden break out in spring blossoms...

Angela said...

Nice pictures, Trinker. The chestnut tree in my front yard is starting to golden. Where do you live?

Namenlosen Trinker said...

I'm glad you like them, Angela.

Forgive me for not giving you a completely straight-forward answer to your question. I'm trying to maintain anonymity—for several reasons. One, to protect my effectiveness in general service. Two, to protect my privacy from non-alcoholics (I'm pretty sure that anything I'd blog about I would be willing to share with the vast majority of people in the rooms of A.A.) I will go so far as to say I live in the suburbs of a mid-Atlantic metropolitan area.

Angela said...

Good enough.

Pam said...

I've never seen a real Fall. We just go from summer to winter here in Houston. But I always love all the beautiful pictures on my CALENDERS!

Mary Christine said...

The pics of the dogwood remind me of my mother, she loved our dogwoods.

And it is funny that you say you are going to live to 86 - for some reason, I think I am going to live to 84... and the idea of supporting myself that long scares me.