06 August 2007

I'm back

My last post was on 4 Feb 2005 at Martin's Alcoholic Diary website. The next time I went to post, the site was gone (the Wayback Machine has it archived if you want to look over the old posts). I've been thinking about taking up blogging again. I'm still sober—I'll have 15 years of continuous sobriety soon—and still very active in the General Service structure of A.A. It's quite possible that I'll be the Delegate from my Area to the General Service Conference in New York within a few years.

I'm actively sponsoring three men. One is still around from when I was blogging before. The other two asked me to sponsor them last Fall—both on the same day, believe it or not.

1 comment:

Phil said...

It is GREAT to see you back, Trinker!! You have been missed. What a blessing to see you are doing well.