13 August 2007

Random notes

Fall colors, autumn colors, indian summer, leaves, Grand Teton National Park, WyomingNoticed the first hint of Autumn in the air on Saturday. Boy, do I love Fall and Spring!

Drove almost 300km last night to the final AA group I was supposed to survey for the 2007 Membership Survey. There was bad news and good news. The bad news was that the group no longer exists. The good news is that the very first person I ran into, 5 seconds after entering the building, was the Assistant Pastor's wife, who knew that the group had folded quite a while ago, who personally knew the person whose name GSO had sent as the contact person for the group, and knew that this person had moved away. That explains why (1) when I tried calling, the contact's phone number was out of service, (2) the immediate past DCM had never heard of the Group, and (3) the local Intergroup knew nothing about the Group either. (The current DCM's phone number is out of service too and the rumor is that she moved to another Area).

Read nice post on ZaneJabbers blog from Saturday that's got me re-thinking how I share my story. I generally try to minimize the drinking stories, but perhaps I shouldn't. The key observation he makes is:

[T]he promises tell us that we don't forget the past nor do we wish to shut the door on it. Everytime I hear someone share that they don't like to talk about their drunkalog I think of this promise.


dAAve said...

Regarding the telling of drunkalogs, I try to find a balance. Any drunk story I tell needs to have a point and not be told just for entertainment purposes. LOL

sharonsjourney said...

Here's another one. We share 'What it was like, what happened & what it is like today'. This is what was told to me. So that implies you share about your drinking, but don't tell a drunk alog, & we share the solution, always. Hope that helped you out.