25 August 2007

Big Book leather cover

Here's a picture of my Big Book (it's a 15-year old 3rd edition). The leather cover was a gift, given me by Revson shortly after he started attending A.A. On top of it sit the business card of the artist who made the cover and my latest sobriety medallion. If you can't read her business card, here's what it says (slightly modified—I've mangled her her phone number and e-mail address):
Leather Book Covers
100% Handmade Custom Personalized
For Recovery Books
Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous

Sharon Diehl
Leather Artist
Woodstock, GA
ShaForNA91 at yahoo dot com
Covering & protecting books that change lives!
The personalized part, at least in the case of mine, means my first name, last initial and sobriety date emblazoned on the front inside flap. If you're interested in getting one from her, I suggest you e-mail her.


Mary Christine said...

I like your new photo... it is much more human. what language is your blog name?

Namenlosen Trinker said...

The German and means nameless drinker. I came across the term while reading the definitive outsider's history of A.A., Not God, by Ernie Kurtz, and decided to use it as my online pseudonym.

I'm glad you like my more human appearance. That's exactly the idea and think other people will too. My only fear is that someone I don't want to will recognize me (it's always about me, isn't it?). At least one other online blogger is from near where I live.

Robert said...

There is a web site that has a wide variety of leather Big Book covers and is at: