22 August 2007

Original thoughts

Elegant mirror 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide
There ain't very many of 'em. We generally repeat what we've heard from others. Judith, over at Vicarious Rising, wrote something new and original in her post today:

Sometimes you can stare in a mirror for a very long time and still not see what is there. You actually have to move a little so the light will change, then you can see something new revealed that had been in the shadows before.

Nice, eh? I thought so, too. And Judith gave me permission to use it. LOL!

If you don't move and stare hard enough at what you see, pretty soon you'll see nothing. Then if you look away at a blank wall, you'll see an afterimage of what you were staring at. Gee, sound familiar?

And even if I am staring in a mirror and moving a little to change the light, I'm convinced there's plenty I still don't see. Changing the light, moving a little: these are just ways to improve the chances of seeing what's really there. It's how I cooperate with my Higher Power, so that he can show me what I need to see.

The image above is from Metal Shop Designswho make "truly original and very unique" furniture pieces.

Also, I tried to insert the International Phonetic Alphabet symbol for a bilabial trill (better known to most of us as a Bronx cheer or a raspberry) after "Gee, sound familiar?" but I didn't think anyone would have any idea what it was since it comes out looking like this:
IPA symbol for bilabial trill


sharonsjourney said...

My blog before was hard to read, this one is easier on the eyes, a little more restful. I like that saying, I'm glad you borrowed it. Yea, I just had some things revealed to me today. A couple of things, I didn't like it either. But I'm glad I saw it, cuz now I can do some
thing about it. I have to be willing, honest, & open openminded, hopefully more often than not, & keep moving.

Brain Dead Genius said...

nice post - i'm glad i found you here - funny how what everyone else is talking about is right where i am today - thank God i'm not alone.

Shadow said...

i hear what you're saying. i get a similar feeling when someone says left and right. and although my wedding ring is on my left hand and i write with my left hand, when i think about it hard enough i can almost believe my right hand is my left hand and i can write with it. it's all about how you perceive things at the time. and put things in a different light and they are different...

nice post that!

Bouncing off the Bottom said...

Yes! To this kind of fearless observational honesty!! Nicely put by Judith, and nicely commented on as well.