16 August 2007


I'm listening NPR's All Thing Considered as I type. Robert Siegel just finished a story about the current credit crisis and the phenomenon of sub-prime lending. He interviewed a reporter who cited two web sites that are prime examples of how to achieve dishonesty: one called Employment Verification Services that, for a fee, provides "assistance for those whom are not employed but need verification of employment for any purchasing purpose," and another called Fake Name Generator that will "make up a random name and address," as well an e-mail address, phone number, mother's maiden name, birthdate, credit card number (complete with an "expiration date... randomly generated to be a date in the near future") and Social Security number.

I suppose this is an example of HP's sense of humor, given that I just completed a post on Honesty not long ago.

Don't misunderstand me: I don't disapprove of such sites existing on the web. Although the former sure seems to offer unethical and immoral services, the latter certainly has some ethical and moral uses. In any case, the dishonesty doesn't actually occur until a user of such a website uses these services dishonestly.


sharonsjourney said...

I disaggree, they're dishonest PERIOD. They're evil, especially the credit card scams. I had to file bankrupsy because the credit card raised their rate from l% to 24%, & they charged huge late charges. They get alot of kids in college. I take responsibility for using it, I should have known better. I don't know if I would have gotten into trouble if they hadn't raised their rates, I didn't realize it till it was too late. And yes, I should have read the fine print. Well, I learned from that one. Haven't had a credit card since.

Are you new to the blogsphere, or just new to my blogsite? In any case WELÇOME, & thank for visiting me.

The Maven said...
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The Maven said...

(forgive my previously deleted post. Late night typos galore!)

Ah, the good ol' HP's jokes are quite funny, aren't they?

It just goes to show you that, if there's a way to make money, people will come up with it. And there are a lot of dishonest, greedy people in the world.

Sometimes I'm a little greedy or a little dishonest, but I don't make a living at it. I don't think my HP would approve of that much. It would make me a very lousy recovering alcoholic, too. Try working the twelve steps into helping people achieve credit fraud. Hmm...

Pam said...

I find that I'm not as sensitive to these things as I used to be. I tend to just brush it off as another person trying to make money the easier softer way. I'm afraid my apathy is worse than outrage.

Namenlosen Trinker said...

I am not new to the blogosphere, Sharon. I used to post on another website that ultimately went under. See my initial post on this blog. In my first recovery blog, I blogged from April 2004 till early 2005.

Additionally, I have a non-alcoholic blog where I've been posting since May 2003.