02 September 2007

Odds and ends

(1) Is my streak of feeling truly excellent, being full of energy and not needing much sleep coming to an end? I slept for about 6½ hours last night and could easily have stayed in bed. Furthermore I just feel my normal excellent self. Stay tuned (as if you cared, LOL!).

(2) I deleted comments from this blog for the first time today. At first I thought this person had left only one comment. I didn't like the comment, but e-mailed him a response thusly:
Thanks, Micky; I welcome your comments even though I don't agree with them. The tone of your post is just slightly alarming to me. Feel free to comment all you'd like but, please, no vitriol or harangues. I've taken the liberty of adding your blog to my blogroll since you seem to be interested in the subject of recovery from alcoholism.

Yours in sobriety,
Adding his site to my blogroll prompted me to add the caveat you now see at the beginning of that list. You can tell I was nervous, can't you? I used to have a problem with SPAM on my other blog;

When my message to him bounced, I realized that he had made four different comments like this to the same post (I hadn't noticed before due to the weird way Gmail displays messages). My fears were justified, it appears. I deleted all four posts and removed his site from my blogroll. I really don't want to have to start moderating comments so I'm going to assume for now that his was aberrant and unusual behavior.

(3) I've added something here I've been thinking about for a long time: a page documenting my story and another documenting the God of my understanding. I had a few miscellaneous things on my old blog, but not these. I created a page with links to each of these (and the date and time of most recent update); I'll add additional links if and when I add additional such content. I hope someone finds these of interest.


Kathy Lynne said...

He'd commented to me and a few others a while back. In my opinion, not worth the effort of discourse.

Namenlosen Trinker said...

You mean I'm not that special? ;)

Scott W said...

Mickey left me several comments, the last asking if I were a psychopath and a shape shifting reptile and then saying he loves me. I deleted them as necessary.

Shadow said...

micky just found me. for a while, i'm enabling comment moderation till he goes away....