20 September 2007

Recovery police?

My friend Jew in Recovery posted the other day that he came home from an NA meeting and started feeling like he was getting high. He wondered about the coffee. I quoted from his post and commented (without the links):

"I plan on emailing anonymously the county NA to register a suspicion. This is another diff. with NA, there are very likely users and dealers masquerading around there for the purpose of meeting new clients and fellow users. You know, find the guy or gal who will relapse, and now you have a new customer.

I know that this does happen there. because one of their rules is that they state, no illegal activities are allowed or action will be taken."

Wow, as a so-called "pure alcoholic" I had no idea. Is the presence of dealers at meetings a common occurrence? Are there NA "cops" who police this kind of thing? Is that who "county NA" are? What will county NA do after receiving your e-mail? What action is taken when illegal activities occur?

I shudder to think what it would be like to be attending meetings under such conditions. Yet another thing to be grateful for.


recoveryroad said...

It happens over here too.

Some people are just bottom-feeding scum. End of.

Shadow said...

isn't that a bit like a rehab centre/aa meeting next to a bottlestore...

Frum Jew in Recovery said...

It's probably the nature of the drugs that they used. Simply, they needed much more money than the alcholic did. You could get reasonably drunk probably on 5 bucks and get change. A cocaine addict would need 10 times that just to get started. So their experience is probably includes more crimes just to use.

I like their meetings tho. But maybe for the wrong reasons. I will have to look at it, altho the 10pm time is a good one for me on Sat night. (Sheesh).

Perhaps I am still attracted to that raw edge that exists more there.

I remember when I was in my first week, I was on a cruise to Alaska, and we stopped in a small city there. while others were seeing beautiful scenery I was content to look at the liquor stores and consider if I should drink, and to look at the bums hanging out in the park, the cops chasing them off, all that crap I used to feel a tiny part of when I was not sober.

I shared on this that night in the Friends of Bill meeting on the ship. The others had gone fishing and other activities, but not me.

At one liquor store i nearly bought but changed it to gum at the last second, but I remember wanting to see what kind of liquor they sell up there. How depressing really. But that is where I was at then.

So maybe this feeling of being excited by this non-sobriety still lives inside me just a little bit.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if I can harness this inclination for good.

sharonsjourney said...

I am an alcoholic/addict, but alcohol is my drug of choice, my primary disease. I go to AA. I am so glad I don't have to go to NA, because it is not good here. There's dealing going on all the time at their meetings. So alot of addicts go to AA. Bill W. said AA can't help the pure addict. If they are lso an alcoholic it can, but not if they're just addicts. That makes sense to me, we don't have the same history or story, at all. I feel sorry for them, where do they go for help?