10 September 2007

In which Trinker loses it...

In my post Rx for Overhaul 3½ weeks ago, I begrudgingly conceded that the mail order pharmacy had taken steps to make things right. I shouldn't have.

I still haven't received my prescriptions. I called the pharmacy today and the representative I spoke to said once again that I was listed as being "too old" to have my prescriptions filled. That pushed me over my limit. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He agreed to transfer me and for the next five minutes all I got on the line was dead silence.

Eventually I realized my call was going nowhere, hung up and called back. I managed to put myself through to a service representative immediately, even though the menu choices they offered didn't include that as one of the options. With what I am sure was obvious anger in my voice I explained what was going on. The rep said he was able to get through the process of ordering my medications, but insisted I needed to send them the prescriptions my doctor had written, which they had returned to me at the end of July when this screw-up started. At this point I lost it and started yelling, screaming and swearing. I told him he had to make it right and eventually he connected me to someone who agreed—again—to call my doctor directly, get the prescription information and have them filled and sent to me.

So now I'm right back where I was on August 16th, only I've gone an additional 3½ weeks without medication and I'm much angrier with this particular provider.

I suffered the rest of today with an emotional hangover from having treated the poor service representative so badly. It wasn't his fault. I wished I had written down his name so I could call back and make amends to him (though I don't feel I have any to make to the company itself).

So what do you suppose we read tonight at my home group? It was pp. 82-83 in the Big Book, the part of Step 9 that precedes the promises. How appropriate is that? It included these couple of sentences:
There may be some wrongs we can never fully right. We don't worry about them if we can honestly say to ourselves that we would right them if we could.
Bingo! That's right where I am. I've got to let it go and hopefully, my medications will arrive in the 7-10 days I was again promised.


Shadow said...

you ain't got much luck getting your meds, no do you....

i'm sorry you lost it, but yikes, anyone would. bad service, especially if it's the same thing over and over again, can do that you know.

crossing fingers for that delivery!

sharonsjourney said...

How are you doing without your meds? Maybe that's one reason you lost it. We need our meds. I don't understand the too old, that's bullshit! I don't blame you for losing it. These big companies don't give a shit about how we are. You honestly would make amends if you could. Right on!

dAAve said...


Pam said...

We're like bull dogs when we become riled up about something!!