06 September 2007

More on the Rule of Three

For anyone who might be interested, I updated yesterday's post on my Rule of Three. One comment reminded me of something I mistakenly omitted and another pointed out an important exception.

Also, in catching up on my blog reading, I caught Dr A. quoting something very relevant to this rule in his 30 Aug post:

Sober speech is mindful speech—embodying both truth and usefulness and expressed in a way and at a time that it can be heard. This last point necessarily involves whether to speak, as well as when and how. In many instances, wise speech/sober speech requires no speech at all. When our words would be untrue or frivolous or harmful, we are better not to speak.
Laura S., 12 Steps on Buddha's Path
This caught my attention immediately. As I read the first sentence I thought, "Hmm, this reminds me of something I posted about. I think I would have added one more attribute, making it read 'embodying truth, usefulness and kindness." Then reading the last sentence I thought, "Ah, the idea of not being harmful is quite close to the idea of being kind."
As I think I've said before, his blog is highly relevant to those of us trying to "practice these principles" in our relationships, especially the primary ones. All those who are not trying to do are excused from taking a peek at his blog.


Angela said...


I read that quote somewhere recently, too, and love it. Maybe it was on the same blog you found it on. Anyway, I think this is an excellent rule and I was amazed how many different things the rule of three can be. I already knew about the Wiccan rule of three, but you gotta admit, that sexual one is quite interesting. :)


The Dream said...

Hi Trinker,
No coincidence that I found your blog today ... when I was wrestling with something in my head for close to two hours (before calling anyone, of course) - being prayerful and meditative on how KINDNESS MATTERS. And if I truly want "to practice the principles ..." and not just give lip service to it, I need to give a certain person a break (and myself).
Grateful to have stopped by today!

Kathy Lynne said...

Yes, sober speech. I must remember that. That and the Rule of Three. I am getting there but I'm with Pam, I hate ask for anything. Which probably only means that I need to do it more often.

recoveryroad said...

Nice quote. Thanks for sharing it.

Cookie M. said...

Great quote!! I'm going to have to print it and carry it with me.

vicariousrising said...

Hmmm. This rule of three stuff could be useful to me. I have trouble asking even once, get all riddled with guilt for having any sort of need. I get three tries before I am considered a nag? Wow! That gives me some breathing room.

I love your blog, btw. Whether you are a republican or not.