15 September 2007


So much for being back to more normal sleep schedules. I went to bed at 11:30, watched a bit of a PBS documentary and fell asleep around midnight. I woke up at 2:10 and couldn't get back to sleep. After half an hour of trying to, I got up. Now here I am an hour later. I do think I'll need a at least a nap later. But for now, I might as well get something done.


Frum Jew in Recovery said...

Wow it must have been our higher powers getting together, lol. I was also unable to sleep last night.

I had been to an NA meetings and I was feeling wierd like someone had spiked the coffee. Not sure if this is true or not bec. if it was, it was a small dosage.

But it kept me up all night, and even today, I was expecting to be tired and to take a nap after i got home from work at 4pm, nada.

Hope this is all just some kind of illusion.

sharonsjourney said...

That sounds like a typical nite for me. Either I get to sleep before too long, & I wake up several times during the nite, or I lay awake for hrs. It's maddening! I take trazedone, sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, I have ptsd, & I've read that is one of the hallmark symtoms. I'm grateful I can post, & stalk my blogger friends, when I'm up in the middle of the nite, or too early in the morning with the rooster nearby that crows LOL.