15 October 2007

What is ANA?

At a 4th Step workshop I attended yesterday, we heard from four speakers. All were good. The two women obviously had very, very solid step-work backgrounds. One man spoke very knowledgeably and intelligently about the 4th step. The other man spoke movingly from the heart. I talked for a while afterwards with H., one of the women who spoke (the other woman who spoke was her sponsor's sponsor).

She first started working the steps after relapsing and then getting involved with something called "ANA." She said it was another Twelve Step fellowship, and made it sound like a sort of Back to Basics movement for any kind of addiction, with no distinction between alcohol and drugs, for example.

When I Googled for ANA, I didn't find anything like what she was describing. The most relevant links returned was to ANA Treatment Centres, a British chain of rehabs. I didn't see any explanation of why they use "ANA" in their name, but from some of the description, I can see that it might be related.

The next most closely related was for "my friend Ana." (Well, at least I learned one new thing today!)

Does anyone know any more about this? That is, about the fellowship H. was talking about, not about my friend Ana.

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Anonymous said...

ana here in new jersey is the berkly hights group (not spelled correctly) basicly they ie; this group tries to emulate what the first 100 people in aa did ...although the big book was not written when the first 100 people started aa but I digress;when a prospect goes to an ana meeting they are encouraged to be sponserd and to go through the steps with a sponser right away to put it bluntly they treat acholism as a serious progressive fatel disease........and no I did not get sober in ana but someone from that group explained what aa was and was not................ and lets say a light came on I found a real sponser stoped complaining and found out what one means when they say get with the program.. Eric nj sober march 1998