17 October 2007

Ruminations on Beauty

This was the title of a post by the Junky's Wife two months ago. I've been cogitating on it ever since I read it without knowing why. A couple of days ago it hit me.

Some background. For some time now, I've been trying to walk a couple miles a day, just on the general principle that since I have a pure desk job, it's good for me—physically, mentally and emotionally. Usually these were early in the morning or very late in the afternoon. Lately, I've taken to going on hour-long walks in the middle of the day. Being self-employed and setting my own hours, this is relatively easy for me. And I've been taking my camera.

It takes me twice as long, I probably don't cover as much ground, but it's been very very nice for keeping me somewhat grounded. I don't think about anything but what's around me and what might make a good photograph. And I've gotten some good ones. I'm actually pretty good at it, I think (one from today is above, to the right).

What hit me a couple of days ago is that this has become a form of meditation for me, meditation on beauty. As JW said in her post:
So why is beauty so important? And why is beauty so important to me?

Beauty, I guess, gives me that god-feeling...that moment when you recognize something beautiful, when it kind of catches your breath and pulls at your guts, or points at some emptiness in your guts that feels so essential to living...it makes me feel aware of something bigger than myself.
Thanks, JW, that really hit the spot!


Shadow said...

that's really nice! i also walk every day, but unlike you, mine isn't quite as leisurely. my gsp, 4 years down the line, still walks me... but i use that as my 'switch off' time too. think of nothing but what i see and what's around me. we are now walking at 5.30am and i love that time when the sky is light but the sun isn't up yet. beautiful!!!

dAAve said...

nice pic

Kathy Lynne said...

Some people go to a church, synagogue, mosque to find their Higher Power. I find my Higher Power in nature or wherever my 2 feet may land.

vicariousrising said...

I find beauty in so many things, especially in imperfections - or things that appear to be imperfections - in nature. We're building a craftsman style house with a lot of natural materials, and the more irregular some of these are, the more interesting I find them.