03 October 2007

Boundary violations

Last night I attended the meeting of a step-study group I rarely attend, even though it is within walking distance of my house (they meet at my church and that sometimes makes me uncomfortable). Two women shared similar things that made me shudder. One said she checks her 17-year-old daughter's cell phone at night after her daughter falls asleep. Presumably to see whom she's been talking with. The other admitted that she goes through her 17-year-old daughter's pocketbook every night. I was immediately 17 years old again myself and imagining my reaction if I learned my mother was going through my stuff. Not a pretty picture.

I remember once I "borrowed" a CD from one of my daughters without asking. She had a conniption when she found out. And justifiably so, I thought. And still think. My bad, totally my bad!

The latter woman is a friend of mine and I spoke to her about it afterwards. Fortunately, the first thing I did was ask if her daughter knew she does this. Fortunately, because the answer was, "Yes," and that makes it much less unacceptable—in my eyes anyway. It still seems to me like a violation of her daughter's boundaries, but somehow the fact that her daughter knows she's doing makes it seem much less invasive.

I guess I'm particularly sensitive to things because I think that's a big part of what's going sour in my relationship with Nimue: continual boundary violations. Sigh!


Katia said...

Brave - I love Sartre!!

Thanks for your comment!

nickycakes said...

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One Drunk to Another said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your blog was one of the first I ever read years ago when I first tried blogging. I didn't know you still existed in the blogworld, but am glad you do!

Namenlosen Trinker said...

Thanks, Nicky. I signed up but it appears that the link to the bloglist is broken and I was unable to log in to the forums to leave you a message about it.

And, Grateful Carolina Girl, it's very cool to connect with one of my sober online friends from the early days.

Piglet said...

tough topic there, i said i'd never do it but got caught up in trying to "fix" things. which is why i am now a double winner, has greatly improved my program.