26 November 2007

Still unmedicated

I remain unmedicated for my mental condition. I haven't posted vis-a-vis my lack of fluoxetine (generic Prozac) for over a month now (that post is here). Last Wednesday, I met with Macron Larks to discuss getting back on something. He suggested I try a tricyclic antidepressant, specifically either amitriptyline or nortriptyline, which, if anything, should help me sleep better (one of my big problems with the fluoxetine is that it seriously disturbed my sleep). He thinks they're rarely prescribed these days because (a) they're old and boring rather than being new and hip, and (b) the pharmaceutical companies don't push them since they don't make any money on them any more. This means they're "cheaper than dirt." Despite what the link above says about amitriptyline, some references indicate that using it can result in excessive weight gain1, which I really don't want to have to deal with. So I'm more inclined toward nortriptyline. I have an appointment with my primary care guy tomorrow and I'll discuss it with him.

Again I want to thank Doctor A for warning me about the dangers of going back to any antidepressant without supervision.

Actually the main reason I went to see Macron was to discuss my marital situation and some thoughts I've had about what to do about it. A most interesting discussion it was too, and eventually I'll probably post about it, but to do so now would be premature.

1One of these—undated I should note—reports the interesting fact that tricyclic antidepressants are "the leading cause of death by drug overdose in the United States." Such irony!


sharonsjourney said...

I went off a couple of my meds, & I feel better. One of them made me tired, & in combination with the prozac made me confused, & affected my memory in negative way. I have two more meds I want to try getting off of, with the dr.'s help, of course. Prozac is one of them. I may have to go on another anti depressent, but I want to try going off first. I sure am better off, going off the abilify. Things are much better with me now, & my life isn't chaos anymore, so this is a good time to try it. I really needed them at the time I was on them, but I don't think I do now...we'll see. If I have to go back on, that's ok, but I would rather not.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I enjoy your blog, but never left sny comments before. I wanted to comment on you choice of using a tricyclic antidepressant. When I was active in my addictions, I was extreamly depressed. I tryed everything my doctors were suggesting. The old tricyclics worked well, but the side effects became too much for me to handle and eventually had to go with something else. In a nutshell, the weight for me was fine, (I needed it), but the sexual side effects we the worst. Any way, I am in recover too and have my own blog that I recently started about my recovery and my job working for a treatment center. Take care.