12 November 2007

Wish I'd written that

A Slob's Guide to Spiritual Growth
  1. It is better to watch the game in your undershirt with a can of cola in your hand than a can of beer.
  2. When you holler at somebody, you always feel lousy afterward--like a hangover.
  3. Life is a steady drizzle of small things--carry an umbrella.
  4. Tomorrow is another day.
  5. Never give up.
  6. Concentrate on what you're doing--it beats thinking.
  7. If you let the other fellow alone and don't get so upset about how he's living his life, you can watch more TV.
  8. It is more fun to be happy than angry.
  9. Don't take anything too seriously, including all of the above.
  10. This, too, shall pass.
Excerpted from the article, "A Slob's Guide to Spiritual Growth," the full version of which can be found in the A.A. Grapevine Digital Archives [subscription required], in the book, Best of the Grapevine [I think the link is to the correct volume—Vol. I], or here [scroll down to the bottom—the full article begins with the words "IT'S A SQUIRMY word"].

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