11 November 2007

A frustrated worshiper

Today I felt like I needed to find a good Sunday morning meeting—one to take the place of what used to be my practice of going to church. I felt the need to commune with my Higher Power and practice some grateful worship and adoration. I haven't been going to church since I long ago in frustration suspended my search for a place of worship that meets my wants. I recalled a "God As I Understand Him" meeting that I spoke at years ago. I was asked to speak on the God of my understanding for about 20-25 minutes. This was in my local clubhouse.

Unfortunately, this is the same clubhouse I despaired of a couple of weeks ago. I went anyway, for the first time since that post. I wish after the meeting got going that I'd tried a new and different meeting.

The speaker was someone who sends drug addicts to A.A. meetings in his professional capacity. He said he was currently working with 33 addicts, had told them all they should be going to A.A. and not a single one was! [His emphasis, not mine.] Did he listen to me read the Singleness of Purpose card (i.e., the Blue Card) he'd handed to me and ask me to read? He made many references to people and things that I didn't understand and left a number of thoughts unfinished, saying, "Well, you know how it is...." I wanted to loudly say, "Actually, I don't; please tell me." But I practiced some restraint instead. Or was it more like cowardice? He talked about getting physically ill and being put on some unnamed medication. He warned us all very strongly that we simply cannot medications that are prescribed for us. Which is total hooey, IMNSHO!

I did share in the second half of the meeting, mostly about how it is possible and sometimes even necessary for us to take medications as prescribed, once the corresponding illnesses have been properly diagnosed by a competent professional. I made reference to the pamphlet, The A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs. Someone with 42 days sober who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder really heard me and came up to me after the meeting asking again for the name of the pamphlet. We looked for it in the literature rack, but it wasn't there. She was going to go home and look for it on the aa.org website, so I'm glad to see that it's there.

So perhaps some good came out of my going. I'm glad to have been able to help, and it made me feel good to share what I did without being explicitly critical of our speaker.


sharonsjourney said...

Those two topics are my passions. Singleness of purpose, & keeping it so. I am afraid AA is being shifted to the addict. We get so many in our AA meetings, who announce themselves as addicts, & talk about their drug use. So many people do not know anything about the history of AA, & the singleness of purpose. Another is the medications thing. There was a guy in a meeting who shared that he didn't believe in anti depressents, or any kind of medications, that it's just another way of getting drugs (he goes to both programs, but mainly NA) Well, I didn't restrain myself. I told my story of how I kept relapsing, & was really messed up beyond, detoxifying, in my early sobriety) I later was diagnosed & put on medications, I got 8 yrs. sobriety after that, & could think straight. They helped me so much, in conjunction with the steps, of course. These people can do alot of harm.

Pam said...

I am glad you were there to speak up. That kind of stuff just drives me crazy.